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Whether an avid art collector, or someone starting out, who wouldn’t treasure a unique gift made in NZ? Art definitely falls into the category of gifts for those who already have everything. If you want to make it a memorable gift, here’s a list of talented artists with their latest work to get you started.

Lucy Barker original art for sale Auckland art gallery

Mixed Blessings by Lucy Barker reflect an ambiguous relationship with the news over the last few months - what is the 'good news' we should be hoping for, and how has that changed?  While Barker’s work is anchored in representation, she often explores the use of visual devices to lend another dimension to her subjects. In this instance banderoles - a roll of parchment bearing an inscription used during the Renaissance period.

Maggie McGregor art for sale original paintings Auckland art for sale

Maggie McGregor’s work in paint and more recently in print - has become increasingly focused on the interconnectedness between all living things, the ecosystem that supports us and explores the human failure, particularly those of her colonial forebears, to find a respectful place within it. Recently the colour green, literal and metaphoric, is infusing her work. The greens are of the untamed west coast - the myriad greens of wild places, of trees and rainforest, the blue/black greens and the unforgiving viridian of the sea on the black sand.

Prue MacDougall art for sale Xmas gift ideas art for sale Christmas art gifts

Prue MacDougall gets into the Christmas spirit with a selection of limited edition prints inspired by Santa Clause’s reindeer and her cat Dashur. Her fascination with Dasher (spelt differently) led to a google search. According to, Dasher is one of the fastest reindeer in Santa's herd. For that reason, she excels at track and field during the off-season. After her yearly tenure at the North Pole, she might find herself at a high school track and field meet, trying to run the 800-yard dash. Just like Prue’s work – she is to be enjoyed all year round.

Linda Gair art for Christmas gift ideas art for sale Auckland

Linda Gair has extracted the ‘light’ – the candles and oil lamps - from McCahon’s prominent and important paintings, as a way of developing a new understanding of his intentions at the time of painting. The landscapes of the upper South Island, particularly the Nelson region, are so familiar to us, but by adding the religious content, Gair feels they remain still today quite startling, with ancient religious biblical and historic events ‘coming to land’ on our own soil. Read full article here.

Jo Dalgety Small things art for sale original Christmas gift ideas art for Xmas

Jo Dalgety finds inspiration in the evolution of growth, of life, building layers and layers – and as people, we have these layers built within us. The rhythms of life permeate to the core. The merging of people and the land is a poignant theme, as our coexistence becomes increasingly out of balance. But there is a sense of the hopes and fears for the future. 

Susan Hurrell-fieldes art for sale art for Christmas gift ideas Auckland Christmas gift ideas

Susan Hurrell-fieldes work is autobiographical, influenced to large extent by her life in New Zealand and her work in New York. Over the years she has accumulated a growing library of leitmotifs to express her world, these form the basis of her work. There is an element of the innate and instinctual, drawing is integral, showing the human hand and spirit in the work. A recent series draws on song lyrics for inspiration. View Work here.

Glenys Cullimore original art for sale art Auckland Christmas gift ideas art for Christmas gifts

Glenys Cullimore rediscovers the original experience of being in the landscape, bringing them into the present without losing their place in the past as she quickly brings them to life on canvas. Cullimore has always explored the possibilities of colour in an entirely individual way, taking up the challenge of enriching her colour combinations. She goes beyond natural appearances to intensify colour setting sharply contrasting colours alongside each other.

Maree Brogden original art for sale paintings art Auckland art gallery

For Maree Brogden materiality is a process of drawing, of fundamental elements of composition and a use of colour rather than personal narrative, contextualised by the times in which they were made. These compositions are presented with geometric shape and many colours for Christmas 2021, of the lockdown bubble, and other constructs of the concrete and the imagined.

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