Tina Frantzen is exhibiting as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography June 2021

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Art writer and collector comments on Tina Frantzen's photographic work, now on at the gallery as part of Auckland Festival of Photography 2021.

Tina Frantzen’s photographs show a whole new side to her talent. Light and shade have always been a feature in her work, and in her black and white photographs these aspects play a crucial role. Light reflects off water, sun shines through trees, figures are silhouetted, resulting in dynamic and arresting compositions. She shows a sure sense too in her colour photos, but in those she achieves spectacular effects using colour in unusual ways. An image of our rather cluttered downtown skyline turned to gold is particularly striking.

Auckland photo Tina Frantzen art for sale

Frantzen sometimes uses a phone camera, enabling her to catch fleeting moments that strike her on her regular walks. A dog leaps, a tot toddles along a hilltop, someone stands in exactly the right spot to balance a composition. This is a show that no art-lover should miss.    Warwick Brown, November 2020

Auckland photo festival Art for sale Tina Frantzen Railway Street Gallery

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