Write a love letter to a tree - August 2022

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We invite you to come and immerse yourself in the green of the gallery and help us build our ‘tribute tree’ by writing your own love letter or poem to a tree.

Inadvertently this is what happened when Melbourne gave 70,000 trees email addresses so people could report on their condition. But instead people from all over the world are writing love letters, existential queries and sometimes just bad puns. 

Almost subconsciously this exhibition has become a tribute to trees. Trees were around millions of years before we existed. They create our climate and the oxygen we breathe. They effortlessly interconnect with each other and support countless living creatures - providing the spiritual centre for human stories of life and creation. Looking after the trees of Aotearoa is one of the most important and beautiful things we can do for our health and for the future of our fragile planet.

We are pleased that for every work sold at this exhibition $10.00 will go to ‘Trees that Count’ to plant a native tree on your behalf.


 write a love letter to a tree Maggie original art for sale Auckland art gallery

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