Barbara MacKinnon

Following a career creating and producing large public events, Barbara spent five years sojourning in England and Europe, returning to Aotearoa in 2011. Not wishing to return to her career in event production, she decided to follow her life-long dream of becoming an artist.

Until recently, Barbara worked from her studio on the Whangaparaoa, above Arkles Bay, looking southwest, out over a native bush garden, across the bay toward Auckland. The ever-changing coastal environment has inspired her work. Using a generic landform, the paintings examine colour, light and space in different seasons, and times of day.   

As a landscape painter, Barbara uses a restricted palette and explores past the obvious features of the landscape, towards a deeper analysis that she perceives as being in a continual state of flux. She sees the land as a metaphor for life; a moment-to-moment ever-changing expression of itself.

The landscapes are essential expositions surrounding the impact of urbanisation on the natural landscape, encouraging the spectator to reach their own, uniquely subjective response.

Barbara has completed her fourth year of study at The Browne School of Art in Auckland and her work has been purchased by collectors in New Zealand, Austria, England, Australia and Norway.