Brogan Scott

Brogan Scott holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours from Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, New Zealand. Her work is driven by the desire to explore the relationship between people and everyday articles, and our constant need to fill and decorate an empty space with objects, coupled with our innate obligation to find functionality and purpose in every piece.

The vases and flora that are the focal point of her work, stems from the filling domestic spaces or empty spaces with something. When houses are semi staged for sale there is no empty surface, all surfaces are filled with objects and most likely faux flowers and empty walls with art. In this sense it is extremely fitting that the titles of her work are inspired by local real estate listings.

Brogan works with acrylics, building up layers of different coloured paint on top of each other in hand made paint baths. She then exposes these layers by carving into them, playing with the idea of taking away layers to expose what’s underneath.