Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte E. Johnson is a contemporary fine-art photographer and educator who lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. Her art is full of emotion and metaphor, exploring themes such as melancholy, longing, atypical beauty and the fragility of mental health.

As a portrait artist, Charlotte’s work aims to reveal a glimpse of our individual darkness and inner turmoil with the help of local models, makeup artists and stylists. Through her practice, she carefully instructs and manipulates expression and pose, scene and background, lighting and styling to imbue the image with underlying meaning.

As a landscape artist, she primarily photographs the changing mood of the ocean and coastline, capturing the turbulent movement of the sea and using her understanding of equipment and the digital process to control the image appearance in-camera, reflecting a particular feeling.

Once an image is captured, Charlotte uses the editing process as a secondary art form, applying digital brush strokes, textures, colour and tone to augment the emotion suspended in time. Her finished photographs are typically composed of muted, low-contrast tones and lean towards low-key in appearance. Sharpness is shunned by the use of camera settings, physical and digital filters. Her work is often described as painterly and ethereal.