Aquire Art

Acquire is a unique program that aims to assist persons wanting to gain an understanding of how to collect a meaningful and long lasting contemporary art collection. This program also aims to support emerging and established artists from New Zealand, allowing them to hone and develop their practice, and create enduring relationships with art patrons.

The program will allow 10 people to partake in each intake, which will take place over a one year period. At the start of each year collectors will pay an agreed amount and in turn will receive a new artwork every three months, which are theirs to keep. The artworks will be created by four artists who work in a variety of mediums to ensure a diverse collection.



Each of the works will be produced specifically for the program and will come framed and ready for hanging at no additional cost. The works will also be accompanied by an artist biography, valuation documents and short text describing the meaning and ideas behind the work.

Participants will also have opportunities to visit the artists studios, to see the works in progress and to form a greater connection to the works that will be the formation of their contemporary art collection.

Contact for more information or to reserve your place in the next intake.