The Creative Exchange - Corporate Artist Residencies

Artists are to society what blood is in our veins, we would be dead without it! Yet we take both for granted.

Our culture and our education system has us steeped in left brain ways of doing things. Most of us have arrived at adulthood with an underdeveloped right brain. The world is shifting before our eyes. We are moving from a solely left brain orientated culture to embracing the qualities of the right brain. Popular business literature is saying that the future is all about creativity, innovation and design.

An in-house resident artist has the potential to provide a fresh injection of the artistic process immediately into the working environment, providing an opportunity for employees to cultivate competencies toward creative thinking. Research confirms the benefits of art in the workplace as well as art and business partnerships.

Facebook Inc. artist in resident programme founder and curator, Drew Bennett explains how “ … a workplace filled with art and with access to artists can actually benefit a company in tangible ways, particularly with respect to how much employees value working there, and how productive they are. But he goes even further than that as he shares his thoughts about integrating art not only into the culture at Facebook, but also more broadly into people's everyday lives.”

A survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts, confirmed that businesses value the arts in the following ways:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing creativity and productivity
  • Enhancing morale
  • Broadening employee appreciation of diversity and encouraging discussions, and expression of opinions
  • Enhances the work environment 
  • Evidences the company's interest in improving the quality of life in and out of the workplace
  • Helps to build customer and community relations

The Project

Railway Street Studios can run a corporate artist in residence in your premises. An artist is chosen by you from a selection provided. The artist will produce one main artwork that will be designed for the company in consultation with you, specific for an agreed site, for example the reception or boardroom. The artist will work a minimum of 20 hours per week on site for 3 months, providing opportunities for employees to engage in conversation and view the process. The artist will continue to produce additional work during this period that will be part of an exhibition on site for the company to invite staff, clients and suppliers to attend.

Your investment is designed to give your company an artist in residence experience in alignment with your company’s values and assist you to gain the maximum benefits, both tangible and intangible associated with the program.

Dale from Inside Recruitment

"Just seeing a different working pattern that’s probably opened my eyes, it’s not until you have something like this in your business that’s probably at the other end of the continuum, around reflection, free thinking and creative thinking. If anything it’s probably highlighted how orientated we are around the immediacy of the task … it has exceeded my expectations of what we get out of it."

What's coursing through the veins of your company, a healthy culture?

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