Fluidity - Kathryn Carter & Sonja Drake

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1. the quality or state of being fluid
2. the physical property of a substance that enables it to flow
3. the state of being unsettled or unstable; changeable
    Fluidity came about as a collaborative idea based on a shared interest in hydrologic systems and the fluid and porous way elements of our environment interrelate.  The artists share an interest in the land, and their practices involve a commonality of walking and observing, then reflecting, interpreting and journaling to better understand these areas of active filtering and exchange.
     For Sonja, this also involves researching the geology and history of Wairau Creek and how the health of this estuary, where urban and natural worlds meet, has been affected.
    Kathryn looks at coastal landforms in different lights and weather conditions, the passage of storms and climatic change and intersections where the sky and estuaries meet the sea in Northland.
    Exhibition Tuesday 21st Nov - Saturday 16th December
    Opening Sat 26 November 3-5pm

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