Kirsty Black - The playful world of animals in paint

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Chameleon Crossing 76 x 56cm Acrylic on Artist Paper
'The lollipop man guided his colourful tribe across the Chameleon Crossing.'

Kirsty Black's vibrant exhibition, "Critter Masquerade", transforms the canvas into a fictional realm where expressive brush strokes set the stage for delightful animal antics and anthropomorphic revelry.

These paintings act as gateways to a parallel world, where imagined creatures mirror the rich tapestry of human traits. Each gestural stroke and splash of layered hue contributes to the Critter Masquerade narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a joyous escapade of colors and shapes that reflect the vivacity of the animal kingdom.

The title of each work hints at the unfolding scenes during the painting process, as Kirsty Black crafts the setting for the story to unfold. Accompanied by a narrative, each piece encourages the viewer to expand on or create their own stories.

In works like "Caterpillar Fiesta," where party-goers don vibrant stripes and outrageous sombreros, eagerly queuing up to take a swing at the mulberry piñatas, Kirsty extends an invitation to embark on an adventure. Here, the traditional boundaries between human and animal relationships blur, as imagination takes centre stage. You are invited to pick up the thread of a story, imagining the shenanigans that animals partake when our backs are turned.

Peacock Top Hat 60 x 45cm Acrylic on Board
'The pea hens all agreed that the peacock top hats got more elaborate every year!'

In this fictional realm, the viewer becomes a co-creator, weaving imaginative tales that extend beyond the confines of reality. View the exhibition.

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Come and join the party. Kirsty's show opens on Wed 21st February.

Opening Event Sat 24th February 3 - 5pm - all welcome.


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