LOCUS converging objects Opens 11 Nov, 1.00 pm. Floor talk, 18th Nov, 11.00 am

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LOCUS - refers to a central place where something happens or is found, a site or location.

Railway Street gallery will host the second show of the Dragonbox Design Group, titled 'LOCUS – converging objects', running from November 11th - 29th 2017.

This showcase is an intersection where four designers, each with their own practice and concept, converge in one location to showcase the uniqueness and commonalities of their craft.

Kennedy Brown, Edward Fuller, Leon Kipa and Ron Crummer cross paths in the context of the exhibition space, while exploring diverse themes throughout their work, offering a unique and rich display of contemporary design.

Edward Fuller has developed systems of 2-dimensional units, enabling him to assemble volumes, furniture and objects, as well as inviting alternative configurations. The geometric forms and patterns he creates question our perception of domesticated function and furniture.


Leon Kipa's 'art toy' experiments with the challenge of retaining traditional practices in a contemporary context of flux, he highlights the importance of Karakia/prayer and renegotiates its place in pop culture.

Kennedy Brown's body of work is inspired by 'one mans trash' and the beauty found in vessels that host this waste; the irony is evident in what could historically be called, traditional furniture.

Ron Crummer delights with an innovative approach to lighting, derived from his pacific heritage, personal stories and local connection to NZ flora and fauna.


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