Linda Gair 'My Kaleidoscope' March 2023

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kaleidoscope - made up of 3 Greek words …

‘kalos’ – meaning beautiful

‘eidos’ – meaning shape

‘skopos’ - meaning watcher, or thing looked at

The kaleidoscope, with its ever-changing lights, colours and various shapes, represents unlimited views, opportunities and the realisation that there are more than a few ways to look at one’s own, or someone else’s creative efforts.

What do I/you see through my/your kaleidoscope of life? Do we need to twist it and look through it again and again to see something better, a new possibility and therefore something we couldn’t see before? Do we see something that feels remarkably like a glimmer from our vast memory bank of experiences and places visited? 

In these (small) works, my ‘kaleidoscope’ contains panoramic views of ‘vast vistas’.


The power of my observation as I paint determines the breadth of the choices I make as I paint my works, and you (the observer) have the choice to absorb them in your own way and bring to them your own ‘wealth’ of experience.

Therefore it becomes a matter of what we decide to ‘see’ in an artwork - that I am creating and you are contemplating. 


I hope to allow the observer the opportunity to see something different, a different possibility, through my kaleidoscope and as such the paintings become an extension for our collective creative thought.

Part imagination, a sense of place, and part reality of the uniquely New Zealand landscapes I treasure.

Come and share with us Linda's landscapes. Bring your own way of seeing and enjoy the work. The exhibition runs from 9th March - 28th March.
Opening Saturday 11th March.

 See you there. View Linda's work.

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