Robyn Gibson

Islands, Aerial views and the Peninsula are landscape paintings based on memories while traveling. The artist documented a number of majestic landscapes some years ago when on holiday visiting friends. Rummaging through a box of old photographs, small studies and notes provided the impetus to develop these studies into this exhibition.

Gibson's paintings render the constant changing atmosphere, darkness and sublime weather transitions commonly found in New Zealand. Landscapes such as Thames Ranges are imbued with passion and emotion, nostalgia and our relationship with the land.

Each work has its own narrative relating to the area and its inhabitants, although sometimes unpopulated they include manmade structures such as forestry and mussel farm building structures and leftover farm detritus.

Paintings such as Mussel Farm (Coromandel) describe the area between land mass and sea, the ominous shape of looming vermilion mountain ranges, shimmering light and dense shadow.

Coastal areas included are Coromandel Peninsula Kaimarama, Thames Ranges, Pouto Peninsula Kaipara Harbour and Manawatu-Wanganui Kapiti Island.

Gibson’s works are often speckled with hints of surrealism and a subtle sense of humour. A complex, often quirky palette comprises varied materials and subject matter garnered from her past and present. The artists professional career spans over 30 years, exhibiting and participating in installation, outdoor sculpture, painting and assemblage projects in both New Zealand and Australia. 

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