A passion for paper - new works on paper - Karen Covic & Maggie McGregor

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Alone in the long Grass

(you should've left the light on)

 Karen Covic - Upper Gallery

These new paintings by Karen Covic explore the quiet dignity of wild flowers, their resilience and ability to grow and prosper often without attention - she has overlain these beautiful watery florals with raw childlike frenetic mark making inviting us to consider how the human experience of pain can exist beside beauty and how this beauty can nurture and soothe.

The works began their life in response to the passing of Sinead O'Conner and the retelling of her mother's punishment of leaving her out in the garden for long periods of time.



Works on Paper

Maggie McGregor - Lower Gallery

'These works are inspired by trees: the fragile lines bright against the sky, the twisted humps of bark, the jutting of branches and the soft clots of colour falling down the hillsides. Fundamentally however they are about mark making - the physical act of applying medium to paper.
Scraping, manipulating and printing ink on a press; building deliberative brush marks and smudged charcoal lines; repeating, erasing and reapplying. The process guides the work and becomes a way of understanding what is being seen.'


Both Karen Covic & Maggie McGregor have chosen to work on paper for this show. The papers used are archival and acid free. Most of the works are framed.

We invite you to come and enjoy these works at our opening event on Saturday 2nd September 3-5pm.
All welcome.


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