CASE: Allegory - new work by Toni Mosley - April 2020

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Baggage is a constant source of inspiration for artist Toni Mosley. As a functional object, the suitcase has a limited purpose, however luggage is bursting with multiple metaphorical ideas ripe for unpacking. Mosley utilises them as a symbol for emotional baggage, for notions of mobility and journeys, for containing secrets, knowledge and memories.

This exhibition examines our luggage and, unpacks it. A continuation of the conversation she started with her audience during her last exhibition asking them “what is your baggage?”. Toni uses this opportunity to visually unpack these ideas. By taking a light-hearted approach to our daily lives, Toni teaches us how to celebrate the good, even complicated, things that make up the history we carry with us.

Toni Mosley

Toni Mosley lives in Auckland, NZ. She teaches art, drawing and printmaking classes from ages 5 to adults and creates work in her studio, Blue Bathtub Press. Her passion for works on paper dominates her own practice (prints, drawings, artist books). Mosley’s works depict the lighter side of encounters from our everyday experiences. She uses symbols, composition, and subtle colours to express her quirky imagery.

Click here to read the full article on Eastlife, on Toni Mosley, go to page 6-7.

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