Indoor - Outdoor Flow by Brogan Scott, April/May 2022

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Taking her cue from the natural world and home interiors, Brogan Scott successfully blurs the lines between exterior and interior. Delve a little deeper, you will see how she plays with what is on the surface and what is submerged, both literally and metaphorically. There is more to nature than surface beauty and tranquillity. Just as there is with kiwi’s obsession with our homes.

Her unconventional process begins with thick layers of luscious coloured paint. There’s an element of guess work as the cleverly chosen, often minimalist palette builds up, only to be revealed in the final act of sculpting. The sculptural curves formed by the thrust of her blade, really have us swooning. A perfectly formed blossom or waterfall will appear, reinforcing the Japanese-inspired feel.

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You don’t need an awful lot of space to enjoy a charming indoor-outdoor vibe with one of Scott’s paintings. By utilising colour and texture, they score extra points as they appear to float in mid-air and the entire area appears larger than it is.

What could be dreamier than waking up to (title of a painting), filled with light and cheer, making it a delightful way to start any day of the week. (title of painting) includes a water garden that flows out providing your bedroom with a peaceful, meditative atmosphere. Enjoy the leafy outlook come rain or shine.

Or choose “Don’t go chasing Waterfalls’, this one can add real drama to your space.

These process driven art pieces have a contemporary feel and create a seamless flow between indoors out. This really is indoor-outdoor flow at its finest. Thoroughly appealing.  

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This text was derived utilising Blackout poetry, a form of 'found' poetry, sourced from the detritus and diatribe of the world of home interiors and exteriors.

Opening Thursday 7 April, 5.30 – 8.00 pm.

Artist painting in the gallery Saturday 23 April, 10 am – 3 pm.

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