Inplore/Explore - Mike Hutcheson January 2020

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Inplore/Explore - from the sketch book of Mike Hutcheson

The stories behind the drawings.

Sketching adds more depth and meaning to travelling. There are no undiscovered countries left.  There’s nowhere un-photographed where you can plant a flag and say “I name you Newville”  or some such banality.

Wherever you go - from Pole to Pole, East to West, there’ll be 1000 people just off a cruise-liner or an Airbus. Doing a once over lightly. “If this is Tuesday it must be Athens.”

We all have gigabytes of photographs in our electronic devices, but they’re quickly forgotten.

Mike Hutcheson

We have looked but we haven’t seen.

Sketching changes that. Recent research has proven that drawing significantly increases recall – by a factor of 100%.

That’s essence of creativity. Seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought.

To browse some of the work in the exhibition click here.

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