Marking Time with Tina Frantzen

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There has been a shift for Tina Frantzen in this body of work. Frantzen has always painted intuitively, her process always makes room for the unknown, but instead of her familiar emerging figures Frantzen has allowed memory room to explore the light and sense of two places, Santorini and Istanbul. Using pastels, charcoal, paint and inks Frantzen explores the recognisable architecture - the curved roofs, ascending minarets and captures the atmospheric quality of each place. Hazy heat emanates from her small Istanbul pieces while cool sharp surfaces rest on her Santorini canvases. Each work represents a pivotal point in time for Frantzen.

Tina Frantzen – Artist Statement

'In this new body of work titled “Marking Time” I revisit through my paintings, a life changing journey to the other side of the world. Nearly 30 years ago I made my way to Greece & Turkey. This was a journey about reconnection, self-discovery, and honoured promises. Both Santorini & Istanbul are still so profoundly engraved in my mind, the experience of the two places are strong reference points in my life. This body of work captures this sense of place, memory and those moments in time.

The Santorini paintings explore the dry white heat and immediate coolness of sharp shadows – the brilliance of a glimpse of sky and indigo sea viewed from the low lit cave house walls. Rest and solitude are explored in the palette, composition and mark making of these works.

In contrast Istanbul painted from memory has been a different experience to the disconcerting reality.  With distance and time, a new memory – sense of place has emerged from the nebulous mysterious shadows that cling to its surfaces. It has become a place of my childhood stories. Enchanting, imposing, rich in colour and history. Inviting but distant, never quite within one’s grasp. These loosely lined, washed works invite you to enter the woven stories of old. The weight and mystery of them.'

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Exhibition opens Tuesday 19th September - Saturday 7th October
Opening Event Saturday 23rd September 3 - 5 pm. Come and join us for apple tea, baklava and Turkish delight.
All welcome. 

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