Meet the Artist - Painter + Collagist Jo Dalgety

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“Lost memories lie in the unconscious strata of the mind itself, these dark, rarely disturbed layers that have accumulated, as mould accumulates in a forest, through the shedding of innumerable lives since the beginning of life." 

Jacquetta Hawkes - ‘A Land’.

At its core, Jo Dalgety's beautiful mixed media work explores the markers that people leave within the landscape, and in turn the markers & memories that the landscape leaves in people. 

The evolution of life is built layer upon layer in the landscape, and as people and generations, we have these layers built up within us as well.

Dalgety paints with layer upon layer of paper. The process itself representing parts of our experience, our memories, our history, all melting into the land and leaving marks.

Underpinning her work is the hope and belief in nature, in those representative marks. There is a hope that the cycle of life will continue and heal. That spring will always come after winter.

Jo Dalgety is involved in the Dornwell Studios artists' collective in Auckland and belongs to the Hikuai Art Group, Coromandel. She was a Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award finalist 2014 and currently is teaching at the Browne School of Art and is working towards her B.A. (Art History) at the University of Auckland.

As an established artist her experience and knowledge have been a wonderful asset to the Railway Street Gallery collective.

We invite you to bring this new knowledge to Jo Dalgety's work as you enjoy  her current series.

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