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As a process driven artist, Karen Covic is primarily interested in the way in which materials respond to different surfaces, and how colours combine to create harmony or conflict. Her underlying interests lie with portraying our internal landscapes, what makes us who we are, the experiences and the events that have shaped our characters, both good and bad. If we could penetrate through to those vibrant, tangled environments, what would they look like. 

Karen Covic is a contemporary painter living in Auckland. Originally from UK, she relocated 10 years ago with her young family and Kiwi husband. Working in the creative industry for 10 years, she always pursued her love of art by attending life drawing and painting classes. Before she left UK she spent a summer at the prestigious Slade School of Art in University College London. This confirmed her need to be an artist. She has studied for three years at Browne School of Art in Auckland and since then, undertaken the BSA VAMP programme being mentored for a year by Simon McIntyre and more recently by Emil McEvoy. She has a studio downtown.

“I just wanted to paint. To put colour onto canvas and to watch it flow. I wanted shapes and form to emerge and I wanted to be free of all planning and expectations. It was like my role was changing from instructor to conductor. I just didn’t want to restrict movement of the paint in any way.” 

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