'Strangeness' - Amy MacKinnon

Posted by Fiona Cable on

The title on artist Amy MacKinnon’s statement, “Strangeness” sums up a lot about McKinnon’s paintings, and provide a window into her unique view on the world.

During my recent visit to her studio, she explained the ‘unknowability’ of her work. “Alive and full of possibilities, you sense something familiar but it escapes as quickly as you thought you’d grasped it.” For MacKinnon, it is a successful painting if it keeps you guessing. After all, solutions and answers are often almost a disappointment, she feels. 

The curiosity element is what I love about them and about the maker. Quirky and quiet, gentle and full of surprises.  She’s also currently exploring 3D too. Fired clay, painted in acrylic and ink, mixed media. View her work here on line or visit the gallery.


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