These are Television Memories - new works by FAUZE HASSEN

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Fauze Hassen's upcoming solo exhibition invites us into the world of the artist. This collection of new paintings and a short film takes us on a journey - a collection of stills, fragments of time.

The show is an exploration of memories, dreams and culture. Shedding light on how the artist's imagetic universe is used to construct new meanings. Through vibrant paintings infused with sarcasm, flat colour and uncomfortably angled back drops, Hassen's rewoven world, also presented in film, explores the tension that exists in reformed memory.

“The idea of finding and combining these images I have collected in my mind and using them to create new worlds in my paintings is really exciting. From the 1994  Football World Cup through to the most obnoxious infomercials, I seem to remember it all. And the process of repurposing these images, takes me on a timeless journey in which I can't tell if these visuals are my own recollections, dreams or simply television memories. I am excited to share this new body of work with the world.” - Fauze Hassen


Fauze Hassen is an emerging visual artist, poet and filmmaker from São Paulo, Brazil. His work is deeply influenced by his life in this vibrant city, where the urban environment and his multicultural childhood have significantly shaped his artistic perspective. Fauze began writing poetry in 2008, and his first collection, Yellow Street Light Madness, was published in 2018. Based in Auckland since 2011, he is continually refining his visual repertoire, exploring the myriad possibilities that painting, poetry, and film offer to convey his ideas.

  • Yellow Street Light Madness - Solo Show - May 2018 - Depot Artspace - Auckland/NZ
  • Adiós Fax Machine, So Long Mankind - Solo Show -  June/August 2018 - Corner Window Gallery - Auckland/NZ
  • Moonlight Creativity - Group Show - 2018 - AllPress Gallery - Auckland/NZ
  • Think NZ - Group Show - 2020 - Whitianga/NZ
  • Made Huia Cornwallis - Group Show - 2020 - Auckland/NZ
  • Made Huia Cornwallis - Group Show - 2023  - Auckland/NZ
  • Downtown 23 - Group Show - 2023 - Upstairs Gallery Titirangi - Auckland/NZ

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