Umbrage by Sharon Vickers Nov-Dec 2021

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Umbrage: noun: archaic: shade or shadow especially as cast by trees.

With the increased density of housing in the cities, and the felling of many of our mature trees, together with the periods of human seclusion associated with Coronavirus, there seems to be a longing for lost wilderness and natural beauty.

What is bestowed on our walls by way of shadow, wallpaper or furnishings creates a sense of bittersweet joy, yearning and grief. The garden as refuge becomes the room of refuge.

The paintings in this exhibition explore shadow; especially the shadows cast by trees on domestic interior walls. To view Sharon's work click here.

Sharon Vickers artist at Railway Street Gallery Newmarket Auckland

The exhibition comprises of 11 paintings of varying sizes, most are oil on canvas and one on ply.

Exhibition runs 4 - 22 December, open daily Tues - Sat, 10am - 3pm. 

Click here to view the work in this series. 

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