Bev Goodwin


As an artist, environmental issues and the effects of mass consumerism concern me. By transforming and recycling used materials new art forms emerge.
I love working with wire in all its myriad forms. It’s the ideal material to recycle. Inside the electrical cables are an amazing array of colour combinations. Some are thick, some thin, some are flecked, others are clear brilliant colours. These I separate and divide into colour ways and ready them to be wound and then turned into artworks. It’s a fascinating process albeit a slow one.
Wire has a mind of its own. It wants to curve, spring, bounce and entangle. Its very nature is uncontainable - once unbound it begins to move and spring about, and if tangled, is almost impossible to rewind.
I love experimenting with many different materials. One idea leads to another. This inspires me to continue seeking new ways of creating. 
The world is in urgent need of new ideas and fresh interpretations. Together we artists can create alternative solutions to help mend a tired and rundown earth.

Recent Exhibitions
2020   No 8 National Wire Award finalist, Artspost, Hamilton 
2019   Sculpture in the Gardens, Indoor Gallery, Auckland Botanical Gardens,
           Solo show, Arthaus Contemporary Art Gallery, Auckland
           Finalist Estuary & Ecology Prize, Uxbridge Arts & Culture, Howick
           X–marks: Conversations in Cloth, Northart, Auckland
           No 8 National Wire Award finalist, , 2nd Prize, Artspost, Hamilton (with Jeff Thomson)             
          Small Sculpture Showcase & Marquette, Waiheke Art Gallery, Waiheke  
2018  nz sculpture onshore, Indoor Gallery, Auckland
          Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, 
          Collective Art Show, Arthaus Artists, Auckland
          Shoe Extravaganza, Auckland
          X–marks: Conversations in Cloth, Te Konagahu Museum of Waitangi Exhibition                              
          Gallery, Whitianga
         Bits n’ Bob, A collection of works by Bev Goodwn & Jeff Thomson, Gallery One,     
         arthaus Contemporary Art Gallery, Ak
         National No 8 Wire Awards, 3rd prize, Artspost, Hamilton
         Small Sculpture show, Waiheke
 Artworks in collections in Europe, England, China, USA, Australia and New Zealand.