UNPACKED new work by Toni Mosley 6 – 25 April 2017

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UNPACKED   6 – 25 April 2017

Toni Mosley gives an insight into how our ‘baggage’ gets a bad wrap, and why it shouldn’t.

‘Unpacked’ is the new show Toni Mosley is exhibiting in April based on our unpacked luggage. “Baggage is often considered a very negative term and we forget the good things that are part of our history we carry with us.  I have been working with this theme in my work for the last several years using titles as a pun explanation such as ‘knowledge in baggage’.  My newest series is about the conversations I have with my audience. ‘Unpacked’ is not only my unpacking but also that of my last audience that came to my show.  I had a contest to win a print if they told me what their baggage was. Now some of those are becoming the work for this exhibition. I love the idea that the audience informs the work so it becomes all of our baggage for better or worse.”

Her exhibition runs 6 – 25 April 2017. Come along to the Railway Street Studios in Auckland, New Zealand and contribute to the next conversation and painting series she will have with you.


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