David Jarvis Curno – I’m a Slipping Glimpser. March 2017

Posted by Fiona Cable on

It’s the 1950s, “I’m like a a slipping glimpser”, was declared by American abstract expressionist painter, Willem de Kooning, in a tabled discourse on his art practice and the catalysts that kick starts his creative processes.

Like the de Kooning’s statement, d. j. Curno’s new exhibition are works conceived out of the art of fleeting observations. The title, ’I’m a Slipping Glimpser’ carries on Curno’s idiosyncratic trait of reinterpreting the English language to suit his own sense of humour.

On first inspection, these works may not convey a coherent series of works, yet it’s in his observations of everyday images, that we understand his use of them as a conduit to reshape and reflect on a daily intake of contemporary media.

Through the use of oil and watercolour based pigments, Curno observes the often obscure and sometimes banal visuals we are exposed to, via social communication, television and printed media. In addition Curno accesses his personal collection of analogue/digital photography and that of his deceased father, John James Jarvis, a prolific photographer whose analogue photograph collection numbers in the thousands.

Please slow down and take your time in a state of solitude to immerse yourself in the works of an artist that does not always bend to instant appeal in a time when instantaneous gratification is lord.


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