'Way marking' by Jo Dalgety – 3 – 22 February 2022

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Lost memories lie in the unconscious strata of mind itself, these dark, rarely disturbed layers that have accumulated, as mould accumulates in a forest, through the shedding of innumerable lives since the beginning of life.” – Jacquetta Hawkes, ‘A Land’.

The markers that people leave within the landscape, and the markers or memories that landscape leaves in people are at the core of Jo Dalgety’s mixed media paintings. 

The evolution of life builds layers upon layers in the landscape, and as people and generations, we have those layers built within us as well.

Jo Dalgety paints with layers of paper, representing our things, our memories, our history, all melting into the land and leaving marks.

Underpinning her work is the hope or belief in nature, that the cycle of life will continue, and heal. That spring comes after winter.

'Opening event' Saturday 12th February 11am - 2pm.

The show will run until 22 February, gallery hours 10 – 3 Tues – Sat. 

See Jo Dalgety's work.


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