ALL FOUR CORNERS – Waitakere Printers Ink November 2022

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We are a group of printmakers that have been brought together from all four corners of Auckland. The paper we work on is printed on all four corners.
Information and inspiration can come to the artist in all kinds of styles; incorporating works from all eras and all corners of the vast globe. As artists we are always responding to our external environment so the imagery that has been created reflects that interaction and shows our joy in the creative process.

With covid and in being in lock down, we were submitted to barrages of media in conflicting measure. It came from all four corners of our globe, making it hard to decipher what we were hearing as real or false. I think as artists we are always responding to our external environment so the imagery we create is sometimes reflective of environmental factors around us and the world at large. This show is a first for us as a group due to lockdown for a number of years so we hope you enjoy it.

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Annabel Patton - My work is reflective of my experience of the last few years being separated from loved ones geographically, emotionally and the golden connections of genealogy binding us together throughout chaos. 

As a family formed from immigrants we have taken the availability of being able to drop everything to support a loved one overseas without thought hindrance or taken for granted... The last few years has cemented for me the need to embrace these moments and those we are with. 

The four corners of the earth that we live, the four seasons we each experience and the four familial generations are influenced and reflected in these works. 
Suzanne Hardy - I have chosen to riff on the theme of some of earth's ecosystems, from the stratosphere down to the mountains, and below, from the meadow right down to the depths of the ocean. Some of the creatures and patterns in nature that inhabit those spaces are represented here. I have chosen a combination of printmaking, painting and collaged ephemera to create each one as a self-contained world in miniature. 

Jenny Dow - The Four Corners of my work are the quiet places in my life. The sea, it’s landscape, the garden, and quiet rooms. I like to watch people in those places, and how they get lost in their own worlds. My current work is a reflection of this.

Lorraine Vickery - Printmaking offers me the opportunity to push the boundaries of my art work using the medium of relief, natural materials and chine colle.  I currently reside in west Auckland where I get my inspiration from the gorgeous New Zealand bush, beaches and landscape.  

The butterfly symbolises rebirth, change and freedom. Something all four corners of the world have struggled with over the last three years. The presence of these creatures are a joyous and hopeful sign for the future ahead.  As the butterfly appears to dance as they flitter amount the flowers, they remind us not to take things so seriously within our lives and awaken a sense of lightness and peace. 

 Tracy Singer - My work embodies the beauty of nature and colour that corresponds with time and memories. From the aesthetics of architecture to the organic nature that we are surrounded by in this beautiful country we inhabit and the changes that continue to take place by the influences from all corners of our universe.

Dianne Charraz - Printmaking, for me, is about expecting the unexpected; serendipity to be more precise.

Some of my current work involves the intricate patterns and shapes found in leaves, in particular the Kawakawa leaf, not only is it a pleasing heart shape but the creation of nibbled holes within the leaf and outer edges are quite magical.  The Kawakawa looper caterpillar (Cleora scriptaria), the culprit, apparently only feeds on the tastiest leaves, making those the choicest ones to harvest for making a brew of tea or for their medicinal properties of which their are many, and in particular its use in traditional Māori medicine.

Nature points the way as usual, and in the Kawakawa’s case it has allowed it to proliferate in all four corners of New Zealand’s North Island and the upper South Island.

Angela Lynskey - I love experimenting with colour, enjoying bright colours and often printing and painting colours and patterns to use in collage. I sometimes digitise them to experiment further. It’s a nice contrast to my ‘day job’ as a graphic designer where most things are planned. 

I’m looking literally at the four corners of my paper and thinking about the human figure moving into each corner. I enjoy life drawing and abstracting the figure so it is just recognisable.

From our four corners(metaphorically) we have brought it to these four corners (of a gallery space) and hope you enjoy what we have created. Nga mihi.

2-30 November 2022.

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