Artist talk 11th June, 1pm - Charlotte E. Johnson

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Artistic Vision through the lens of a Camera

“In this world of visual bombardment everywhere we look, of anti-social ‘social media’, of continuous scrolling and non-stop screen time, an image that can make a viewer pause and feel something is a powerful thing. It might be empathy for the character in the photograph or it might cause the viewer to reflect on something they too have experienced. It may simply be that it gives us a quiet moment to pause in our busy lives. For me, all the images which have stood the test of time and become my favourites are the ones that show what I call a beautiful sadness. I believe these images show a raw honesty that creates empathy in the viewer.

Charlotte Johnson Artist Auckland Festival of Photography

It took me a long time to find my inspiration, my meaning, and to be able to translate that into imagery. During my artist talk, I’ll discuss my journey from photographer to artist. I’ll open up about the highs and the lows I’ve personally experienced, and the events which have helped me in my self-discovery.”

Charlotte E. Johnson is an award-winning photographic artist, educator, published author, and Lensbaby brand ambassador. She recently joined Railway Street Studios as one of 12 artists exhibiting full-time and is 1 of the 8 photographers who form Phocus collective for the Contemplation exhibition.

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