Tina Frantzen

Painter + photographer

Tina's paintings are of enigmatic and elusive figures who occupy those small, ephemeral moments between larger happenings. She paints intuitively, the details of each being unknown to her before painting commences, so that with each work there is a process of discovery as the painting proceeds. By not titling the pieces, Tina shares this sense of discovery with her audience who are free to interpret each painting as they wish.

Photography is another creative outlet for Tina, “It's the unexpected juxtapositions of objects and people that create fascinating and surprising images - from the seemingly mundane to the spontaneous and fleeting moments. If I can capture the essence, this is what makes my heart beat faster.” 

She's exhibited in Paris as a member of Who's Who Art International. Her works are held in private and public collections in Australia, UK. and NZ, including the James Wallace Trust. Finalist in the 2015 Wallace Art Awards.