Peter Atkinson


Peter is currently exploring a new body of work, interiors and still life, exquisite detail and attention to light and stillness. 

TEATRO  - Set Pieces from the Pompallier Printery

Russell’s restored Pompallier Printery is the setting for this series of contemplative still life pieces. Small props, curated in the re-enactment of the building’s 19 th century past, are painted in the restrained palette and quiet realism characteristic of Atkinson’s work. These are gentle pieces that will find a lasting place in New Zealand’s hearts and homes.

Peter Atkinson’s Solo show from 2014 - Other Rooms is a series of quiet contemplative paintings that invite a lingering second look at the architectural elements of spaces we normally walk past on our way somewhere else. Atkinson’s representations of the unoccupied corridors and corners he discovers in 19 th Century office buildings, country hotel’s and most recently, Auckland’s Pah Homestead describe the unnoticed theatres of illumination, filled with echoes of the past, amongst which human experience is lived. Glimpses of other rooms, suffused with light, evoke a gentle transcendence, reminding us that ‘All corners are haunted, if not inhabited.’ (Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space.)