Come Shilly Shally - Kirsty Black September 2019

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Shilly Shally, the fine art of dawdling…

In much the same way cloud gazing prompts a story or daydreaming allows the mind to meander, the development of an artwork sparks Kirsty Black’s imagination and a story unfolds.

Weaving childhood memories with storylines and explosions of colour, Black’s abstract art is like visual poetry. Instead of words and sentences, she intuitively uses colour, shape, line, form, pattern and texture to create a visual dance of the spirit.

Storytelling is a family tradition for Black; it brings everyone together, creates a sense of belonging and is often entertaining. She sees painting as an extension of this tradition, a medium where imagination has free rein. For Come Shilly Shally her aim is to engage the viewer, leading them on an unexpected journey of individual interpretation.

So, why not dive into the colour, get lost in the twists and turns, loop in and out and off? Shilly Shally is to explore! 

To view Kirsty's work click here.

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SPECIAL EVENT: The Secret Language of Painting  - Industrial designer Jason will be bringing his unique insight into how visual images produce messages and emotions. Through analysing the work of Picasso, Mondrian and Kandinsky, Jason will help us understand the emotions being produced by viewing Kirsty’s vibrant and expressive paintings.                                 

Date: Saturday 12 October, 2pm   PAID EVENT: $20, Spaces are limited,  email or phone 021 419 292

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