Coste - new work by Gretl Barzotto

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This exhibition is a natural response to living in an island nation, enveloped by coasts (or Coste in Italian). The very intersection of the sea, sky and land plays an essential role in our lifestyle and our very identity and nationhood. 

The works in this Coste series have dynamic tension between energy and stillness. The minimal shapes and forms are reflective of the space that surrounds them – the expansiveness of water and sky rather than monumental landforms. 

The compressed charcoal, inks, watercolours and pigments are combined to create moodiness and an atmosphere where you can almost smell the sea. Coste is a celebration of the unique spaces and places with which I have a special connection.

 Gretl Barzotto

Artweek Event: Curating art in your home - Artist and Interior Designer Gretl Barzotto has curated her current exhibition COSTE incorporating design elements and furniture to inspire. This workshop discusses the fundamentals of curating your art in and around your home. Creative blending of old and new pieces to enhance your space. Sharing her unique perspective of arranging pieces so that you too can create the space you love to live in.     Saturday 19th October, 2 pm. 

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