ECHO II - Tina Frantzen opens 30th September and creative writing project 15 Oct

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After more than 10 years of painting, Auckland artist Tina Frantzen still finds that each new painting she creates presents a different set of challenges, some of which can only be resolved when she “gets out of the way” and lets the picture speak to her and respond intuitively. This means giving up control and being willing to pursue the unanticipated directions that suggest themselves as the painting’s shapes begin to emerge and acquire a life of their own. As important is how the viewer engages with the paintings. Frantzen likes that each person brings their own life experiences, memories and meanings to each work.

Creative writing project 15th October – This FREE creative writing workshop will be conducted by Tessa Duder using the art works in the exhibition as a starting point for a short piece of writing. The resulting works will be edited by Tessa Duder and collated in a book available for purchase.

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