Emmerson - opens 9 Sept, 5.30pm

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Emmerson has been working on his first art exhibition in 17 years. His background is in fine arts, but he has been busy carving out a successful career as a cartoonist. A cartoonist's punishing daily deadlines do not leave him much time or energy to paint for pleasure but there always remains a hankering to get back behind the brushes. The recent passing of friend and colleague, Bill Leak, was the catalyst for Emmerson to determinedly make a start.

 The last four months work includes watercolour sketches, a large painting and a series of caricatures including some of his favourite singers. “It’s people that interest me the most,” explains Emmerson, it’s people and their actions that gives me the inspiration to draw and paint.” Goldie’s paintings have also been an influence. It is the workmanship but also the ability for a painting to relay a story that’s important and this holds true in Emmerson’s work too, across all medium and subject matter.

‘Emmerson’, sketches, cartoons, caricatures and paintings (non-political work) from 9 – 28 September, 2017.

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