Paul Screach

"My work has for some time revolved around the use and application of language. I am Intrigued by the interaction between language and imagery, in a world where they are in a state of constant collision. Although both play a role in our ability to understand concepts, working together they may both clarify and corrupt in equal measure. Sometimes it’s a question of context."

How we make sense of all this, I believe, is determined by our individual personal experiences, value systems and cultural influences.

I grew up in England in the 1970s and I suppose we were part of the first 'TV Generation’. I became an avid follower of American Science Fiction and British Comedy and when Punk Rock hit the scene in the late ‘70s I joined a garage band playing at local venues and radio stations. These were influential teenage years and I believe these experiences have shaped my vocabulary and now provide a rich source of linguistic content and visual reference.

"How does the nature of a thing change once it has been named, labelled, annotated or described? Maybe there's no going back once a relationship has been established. What has been seen cannot be unseen."