Effervescent Dreaming - new work by Kirsty Black- opens 6 September, 5pm

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Hummingbird Hamper, Daffodil Punch, Alfresco Caper, Wilderness Fossick; heady, spellbinding imaginings from an artist weaving childhood memories with storylines and explosions of colour. Kirsty Black’s abstract art is like visual poetry. Instead of words and sentences, she intuitively uses colour, shape, line, form, pattern and texture to create a visual dance of the spirit.

The loose nature of these paintings belies the honed sense of composition, and deep understanding of the workings of colour to create such successful pieces.


Black’s images are born from her nomadic lifestyle growing up, responses to her personal experiences of travel, digesting local colour from Asia to Africa, creating from a visual catalogue which frequently surfaces in her work.

Rock Pool Treasure Hunt is a striking example of how Black creates luminous and complex tangles of colour. The sumptuous colour palette draws you in. Her art is an experience. You must let go of your need to put things into words, and let the artwork take you somewhere... lift you into another sphere. Look at the painting like you would listen to a symphony, not trying to hold on to the notes - let them wash over you. Let your eyes wander over the painting the way the notes of a symphony wash over your soul. Let your eyes play with the painting, slipping around corners, following the twirls, twists and turns, dipping in and out of the surface. Let your eyes dance around the piece.

Black finds it is the perfect way to express lofty, intangible concepts - such as the notion of a happier existence here on this planet if we nurture the sense of belonging we get by spending time with family and friends. “Storytelling is a family tradition, something we all love. Both my grandfathers were fabulous raconteurs. The weaving of the story brings you together, creates a sense of belonging and is often highly entertaining – elaboration, interjection and theatrics are all welcome!” explains Black. She sees painting as an extension of this tradition, and in an increasingly homogenised world which is rife with distressing news and events it is a medium where she can give her imagination free rein, creating light-hearted, joyful works. “My aim is to convey a sense of joy and prompt the viewer to continue the story or to come up with their own.”

 Effervescent Dreaming is an exploration into the deep pools of human emotions with a strong focus on the positive and uplifting. Exuberant and large paintings, uniting the aesthetics of art and the sensual complexities of living. Happy Musings!


Leapfrog Picnic: They couldn’t decide between a picnic and a game of leap frog so combined the 2.

Midnight Conga: Enough said.

Rock Pool Treasure Hunt: The festivities kicked off with a good old fashioned rock pool treasure hunt

Daffodil Punch: Granny indulged, rather enthusiastically in the Daffodil Punch. It reminded her of the good old days (plus she had some help).

Preprandial Gambol: The carefully planned tramp quickly descended into a light-hearted gambol.

Lido Sprawl: For the more sporting minded…

Beach Ball Roulette:  The bets had been placed, the rest was history

Alfresco Caper: It was a bit nippy to caper alfresco, but spring was in the air!

Flea Market: A gentle rummage was more her thing…

Wilderness Fossick:  She wasn’t sure when fossicking in the wilderness had become all the rage

Rooftop Ramble: Against their better judgement the boys decided to go for a rooftop ramble

Blooming Pinata: Not to be mistaken for pin the tail on the donkey!

Hummingbird Hamper: Chips and dip were so last year

Water Croquet: It seemed like a good idea at the time

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