Hidden Gems of Paris through the eyes of a photographer/painter

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A visit to Paris, whether it's for the first, second or fifteenth time, will always feel magical. Even if you do return dozens of times, you will never run out of new and exciting things to see and do. 

Whether you fall in love with the jewel-like colours of Sainte Chapelle's stained glass windows, the tantalizing patisseries and fromageries, or the experience of stepping back in time as you wander through narrow medieval streets of the Saint Germain de Pres, you’ll create memories of your own to treasure.

For photographer and artist Tina Frantzen, Paris is Aladdin’s cave. Roaming the cobbled stone alleys, sleuthing around narrow corners, hidden gems await. On her recent trip the graffiti streets beckoned and the results speak for themselves. It is Parisienne art circles we can thank, for being the first place in the established art world to view graffiti as anything more than vandalism and a passing fad. Rather than capturing this art form in a documentary way, Tina brings her love of people, colour and contrast together in a unique and eclectic way, from Banksy to Les Bohémiens.

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“It is the unexpected juxtapositions of objects and people that create fascinating and surprising images - from the seemingly mundane to the spontaneous and fleeting moments - if I can capture the essence – this is what makes my heart beat faster.” Tina.

Tina is a painter and accomplished photographer - view her work here also available in the gallery, as part of Auckland Festival of Photography. 

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