High Jinx new work by Lisa Bate & Kirsty Black opening Sat 15th August, 11am – 3pm

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High Jinx is a collaborative exhibition of new works by Lisa Bate and Kirsty Black.

 Mixed medium cast glass works by Lisa - tactile and sensual in form - sit alongside Kirsty’s vibrant abstract paintings. 

Both artists bring a sense of fun to their work, allowing imagination to run free. Playful in the process and manipulation of their chosen medium they primarily use repetition in line and colour or form and structure to explore their narrative. This process, in turn encourages viewers to come up with their own story.

Kirsty Black abstract painter auckland art gallery Newmarket

Lisa’s juxtaposed sculptures explore the connection between two kiln heated materials. Cast glass and ceramic works constructed by producing smaller parts to make the whole final piece, expressing movement and growth. Kirsty work conveys joy and escapade - she likens her work to an exuberant world of invented fiction. In the strange times we live, a good dollop of High Jinx could be just what the doctor ordered!

Live band and refreshments on opening day!

To view Kirsty's work click here. To view Lisa's work click here. 


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