Selective Memory – Toni Mosley and Marci Tackett August 2019

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Selective Memory features a collaboration between experienced printmakers Toni Mosley and Marci Tackett.

Selective Memory alludes to the idea that we all remember the same moments differently and only in small parts. Human memory has a narrative that is often pieced together and doesn’t always create a perfect picture of events; it more often fabricates a less than perfect image of the truth. 

Featuring a number of collaborative works, combining the two artists differing aesthetics and techniques, the outcome is a whimsical selection of one-off prints, inspired by childhood memories. The exhibition also has an interactive component, as the artists have created a series of playing cards that examine the idea of memory further by allowing gallery patrons to create pairs of cards in The Selective Memory Game. Each card has a series of objects, textures and colours on them, and visitors to the gallery are invited to pick two cards they think correlate to each other. There are many possible combinations but it is up to the viewer to decide which pair to create.

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Toni and Marci are demonstrating their printing processes:

Saturday 24 August 12-2pm, Screen printing by Toni

Saturday 31 August, Polyester plate lithography by Marci

More on the artists:

Toni Mosley and Marci Tackett

When Toni and Marci first met they knew that they shared a passion for printmaking and education.  What they didn’t know is that they grew up in the same time and place — on the opposite side of the world!  The artists immediately bonded over their shared experience of growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s in Denver, Colorado.

Even though Toni and Marci have found their permanent homes here in New Zealand, they both cherish their sweet memories of childhood.  This exhibition has come together because of the time Toni and Marci have spent reminiscing.  They discovered a shared language of meaningful personal objects that bring up sensory memories that take them back in time.

Jude Walters

Research shows that the human brain is growing and changing throughout our lives and the more you do, the better when it comes to brain health – so don’t wait until it is too late!

Memory expert Jude explains, “Very few kiwis realise that they can control three of the four factors that contribute to brain aging. Memory loss is not inevitable and like any form of fitness, a little bit done often is the key to being Brain Fit for life. In my courses, I aim to combine the right amount of science and lifestyle advice to provide a fun, engaging and interactive way for people to learn about the six essential memory skills needed for a healthy BrainFit lifestyle, regardless of age.”

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