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TINA FRANTZEN has gained recognition for her unique approach to painting. In an age dominated by screens and pixelated images, her work feels like a welcome antidote. Her intention is to capture the essence of a human figure, depicting familiar, yet obscured subject matter. Through first creating, then rubbing away, reworking and removing sections of a scene, the artist reveals ghostly infrastructures that preserve the warmth and glow of a presence, leaving the viewer to decipher who, where or when. She encourages us to look again, beyond the surface of the traditional image and see anew, resisting the urge to provide easy readings or instantly accessible compositions. Frantzen invites the viewer to pause and quietly contemplate a series of multi-layered paintings that denote a common visual language built through our shared history and consumption of art imagery.

                  Tina Frantzen

Currently exhibiting in Wish List, twenty works showcase the artist's fusion of imaginative and aesthetically rich narratives.

“Throughout the years that I have been painting in this manner, there is a ‘voice’ that has become my guiding principle and has led me to develop a style that I feel I can call my own”, explains Frantzen.

This collection of paintings sparks with light relief and delves deeper into thought-provoking commentary. 

Exhibition runs to 20 December 2018. View her work here online.

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