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Railway Street Gallery is pleased to present Linda Chisnall’s latest work, where she focuses her attention on the macro, finding ways to share with others the often unseen perfection and beauty in nature. Macro photography can guide us into a world which is not visible to the naked eye.

Photography started out as a hobby for Linda, but soon it became her passion. Her images are magical, the water drops look like tiny pearls, as she plays with reflecting the background in them. Linda views her world with lighting uppermost, enjoying how the light and shadows fall, constantly assessing the colours, asking herself how best would she paint or photograph it.

"My love of the outdoors and beauty in my garden inspires me. I’m often found lying flat on the ground, in the frost, in my wet weather gear to get that ‘perfect’ shot of light at sunrise through frozen drops …. Into the Unknown was inspired by watching seed heads letting go and drifting at the mercy of the wind. The delicate beauty of a dandelion has a fragility that becomes its strength in survival. When I find a perfect dandelion head I will often bring it inside to work with, the very weeds I fight to destroy outside find a place of honour in my studio."

Linda Chisnall Photograghy fine art Auckland art gallery Auckland Festival of Photography

Her main subjects are sharply in focus, while the background is soft and blurred, giving the images a beautiful and minimalist atmosphere. This macro view raises awareness to the importance of conservation and protecting nature, guiding the viewer into a less-known world that otherwise goes unnoticed. 

Linda is into more genres, and luckily macro photography is one of them. Her macro photography work is mostly in camera, exploring a closer view of nature and lighting. She generally does very little post editing. She captures flowers, leaves, fungi, insects or frozen bubbles, all of them in a professional way. Her images show how sensitive she is to the soft and delicate beauty of the world. 

Her works provide a calm feeling, which makes them ideal for decorating any homes. Who couldn’t imagine these beauties on their wall?

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