Nexus - by Glenys Cullimore March/April 2021

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Glenys Cullimore’s varied subject matter comes together in this solo exhibition, connected by her unique perception of colour and innovative sense of composition.

Cullimore was fascinated with the great colourists of the early 20th century and follows in their footsteps by imaginatively capturing the spirit of a moment. Her passion for landscapes, portraiture and intimate domestic scenes, are captured in moments of time – where someone has just left the room, a meal has just finished or an image caught, passing through a moving window.

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Although these works lovingly record the details of daily life, they do not simply transcribe what the artist sees. An initial moment of inspiration would be remembered, reflected upon, and reimagined as she composes her paintings in the studio.

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In her practice Cullimore rediscovers the original experience, by placing her references where she can glance periodically, bringing them into the present without losing their place in the past as she quickly brings them to life on canvas. Often painting the same image more than once, taking even more liberties to push colour and composition beyond their boundaries.

Cullimore has always explored the possibilities of colour in an entirely individual way, taking up the challenge of enriching her colour combinations. She goes beyond natural appearances to intensify colour setting sharply contrasting colours alongside each other.

Still engaged with the ‘photographic’ view of the snatched moment, she explores complex ways of composing and framing her vision. Familiar interiors and the everyday activities of reading and preparing meals are seen from fresh and surprising perspectives. Her still life paintings capture incidental moments in the day. From unusual glimpses of her daily activities, she zones in to get up close, infusing the painting with the powerful light that she experienced.

Cullimore uses both new and familiar subjects to explore the possibilities of colour and composition, with her travel and local experiences providing a constant source of inspiration. Each painting recorded subtle shifts in the fall of light, and uses colour to bring different elements together.

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Nexus opens 18 March, 2021. Exhibition runs to 6 April 2021.

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